Tsitsikamma top 3 activities

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Tsitsikamma is a stunning area that has developed into a destination in itself. Great thing here is the way it’s been developed with a good consciousness about nature and involving the communities living there so it’s a win win win actually, for locals, the area and  the tourist visiting….

Our top 3 -and not necessarily in that order-  is:

  1. Tsitsikamma Falls Zipline
  2. Segway tours
  3. Beer Tasting

The zipline is great fun for the ‘bigger’ kids, 12 and up although you always have the smaller dare devil of course.  My 15 year old daughter absolutely loved it and in all honesty… I quickly went first so I couldn’t back out any more and by doing so got over myself and actually enjoyed the ride too. There are about 8 lines and is an activity that easily fits into any itinerary

The Segway tours are quite exiting for the ‘smaller’ kids and with my sense of balance probably for me too!


When all the kids are coming down from their respective adrenaline ‘highs’ it was time for the woman child x2 to have some fun to and what great idea to try the beer tasting at the micro brewery. Seriously impressed with those flavours, never knew beer could taste that good.

We enjoyed all these fun & games while staying with our kids in Tsitsikamma Village Inn… Now that’s another hidden gem that I’ll keep for next time,  Cheers to making memories

Planning a family trip, let us know on hello@epicafricatravel.co.za; Looking forward to inspiring you!

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