Epic Holiday Memories: The Best Souvenirs

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We love helping to create THE perfect African holiday, especially including safaris to see Africa’s incredible wildlife in its wonderful wild spaces.

We are sometimes asked about tips for interesting souvenir to take home. The best souvenirs are most often your memories of the great places you’ve visited, the people you’ve met and the experiences you’ve shared as a couple, family or group.

Of course, we get it that you may like to take home a gift for a friend or family member that looked after your pet, watered your plants or just because they helped make your African trip a reality in some way.

Just incase you may be tempted to buy a wildlife product as a souvenir please don’t! The Guardian published a list of seven illegal wildlife souvenirs that should never be purchased. Of course the list includes anything made from ivory or rhino horn.

See the full list of items please read the article: 7 wildlife products to avoid buying when travelling abroad.



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